Brush Speciality

Brush Rolls For :

Sueding M/c.: XETMA, LAFER, LISA, MARIO CROSTA Machine Brush Rolls In Abrassive Silicon Carbide Imported Filaments from Dupont USA & HAHL - PEDEX Germany 612 Abrassive Filaments. Also Trimming your wornout Roll for making level upto 65 mm for re-use.


We can make New as well as Re-filling old brush rolls for above machines.  

1- Singeing Machine in Mexican Fibre.
2- Shearing Cropping Machine in Mexican Fibre & Nylon Mix.
3- Corduroy Machine Velvet Ribs Rolls & Endless Belt With Loose Sq. Segments in Concave Shape.


We have well equipped brush making machinery from Germany & Italy.